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The insulation industry is inherently geared toward energy conservation. Along with our suppliers, Burnham Insulation Sales is committed to supplying high-quality, cost-effective solutions to promote energy-efficiency and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Our manufacturing partners produce products using significant recycled content, which can contribute to the attainment of LEED Certifications and other green-building specifications.

Insulation should be an integral part of your company’s plan for energy-efficiency. According to the National Insulation Association (NIA,) when properly designed, installed and maintained, mechanical insulation can result in significant energy savings. NIA estimates that the simple maintenance of mechanical insulation in industrial/manufacturing facilities could produce energy savings worth $3.7 billion annually, a 37.9 million metric ton reduction in CO₂ emissions and over 100% ROI annually. To determine the annual rate of return for your investment in mechanical insulation, use the Mechanical Insulation Financial Calculator.

 “There’s an App for that!”
NIA recently launched the first-ever mechanical insulation app for smartphones. Available in the Android Market for Android phone users, the Mechanical Insulation Financial Calculator application can quickly verify financial returns resulting from investments in mechanical insulation. To download the app, go to the Android Market and type in “mechanical insulation.”


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